beIN Sports Connect
by beIN Media Group

beIN Sports Connect has updated its app for Asia-Pacific countries

Starting with Australia, New Zealand and Thailand, beIN Sports Connect has a new app for Asia-Pacific coutries.

Just log in to the new beIN Sports Connect app and take all the content beIN Sports channels offers with you wherever you go.

Watch the action live on all beIN Sports channels.

Did you miss a moment of the match? Or was traffic too heavy today?

Live TV don’t have to be live. You can rewind the live broadcast up to 2 hours and watch any program on any channel as its live now.

Did you miss the game? Don't worry. We have it as a catch-up.

Don't you have time to watch the match live? Don't bother recording it on your device and lose your precious disk space. We have all action automatically recorded in case you may have missed it or want to watch it later.

All the action of the most popular organizations in one app.

No matter if you're a fan of football, tennis, rugby or any other sports. If it's on beIN Sports, it's also on beIN Sports Connect app.

Feel the adrenaline of all major sports organizations like Champions League, Europa League, Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, WTA, Davies Cup, and much more.

Let us remind you when the match is starting.

Learn when and on which beIN Sports channel the match you want to watch is. We can also remind you with a notification just before the match starts.