Live Tv on beIN Sports iOS

beIN Sports iOS app can broadcast live tv coverage

It happens all the time. Something big happens. Your team signs a deal with a new star. Or UEFA draws the new round for Champions League. But you just can't watch the action because you don't have a television around or even if you have one, there's no sports subscription on that television. The only way for you to keep up with everything is searching the web for some news about it. You're lucky if you can figure your way out of ads or fake news. Read More...

Use your TV as the video player screen

DilediginYerde can talk to Digiturk set-top boxes as a remote control or even play videos on your television

Don’t you also think that browsing content is much more easier on the mobile than a television app but watching movies on the big and vivid screen of your television cannot even be compared to watching it on your phone’s small to be mobile screen? Using DilediginYerde, you can now always be on the better side by browsing on the mobile and watching on the big screen. Read More...