Be a part of the game you love

Sporsta is here to change the way sports is played and enjoyed

Till now, sports has always been a one way thing and your only possible contribution to the game was just sitting on your sofa with a pack of hot sauce flavor chips and watching the match. Only a few people could play it and a group of exclusive people, who had the opportunity to appear on television or write on a newspaper, had the chance to talk or comment on the action. Of course, you could also talk about it but just your friends would hear your voice. Not being able to spread what you think would silence your precious ideas to death.

Sporsta is here to change this. We think you're also exclusive and we care about what you think. Your ideas are as valuable as that guy on TV and should be taken into consideration as seriously as his ideas to help shaping the game.

Make your voice heard

Sporsta takes you from being just an observer to being a key piece of the game. It brings equality to sports by spreading everyone's ideas and delivering them to the right person or audience. Do you think your favorite team's manager is missing an important point for the upcoming match? Don't just hope him to find it out himself, but let him know. You'll never need to desperately think "I had seen this coming" again. Or would you walk on air if you would see that star player wearing your team's jersey? Join the voice of others who agree with you and tell him to "join the dark side".

As you can make your voice heard, so can all actors of the game. Sporsta is a social platform that connects leagues, teams, managers, players, newspapers and influential people with their fans. They can share their news and updates, interact directly with the fans through direct messages or via user posts that mentions them to publicly attract their attention.

You'll never need to browse different websites and apps to find some interesting things about the match again. Sporsta has it all for you. Follow any leagues, teams, managers, players, newspapers or just your friends on Sporsta and we'll compile everthing that you may be interested in into a beautifully organized news feed tailored just for you. View, read, share and talk about news, updates and shares on the latest events, inspire and be inspired by other people's ideas.

Not just another social network

As being a pretty advanced social platform, Sporsta is also a full-featured sports app that brings every aspects of the game together with comments and ideas on them. View a player's recent form or a team's upcoming fixture. Review details of every match, watch YouTube videos about them, see what others are talking about and join the conversation. Have a look at the current standings and top performers in a league. All aspects of the game are put together for you to enjoy, get into and talk about.

And of course there's live score. Have a glimpse of all the results, match facts and details of the night or add the teams or matches you're interested in to your notifications list to filter them out to your attention and get notified about all the action just as it happens.

Today, we're starting with just soccer and only on iOS but will expand to new sports and new platforms soon. If you're using iOS, just follow the link below to go to Apple App Store and get the free Sporsta app now to start taking your part in the world of sports.