Use your TV as the video player screen

DilediginYerde can talk to Digiturk set-top boxes as a remote control or even play videos on your television

Don’t you also think that browsing content is much more easier on the mobile than a television app but watching movies on the big and vivid screen of your television cannot even be compared to watching it on your phone’s small to be mobile screen? Using DilediginYerde, you can now always be on the better side by browsing on the mobile and watching on the big screen.

A few weeks ago, DilediginYerde mobile apps have started using the first version of Digiturk Companion Device SDK (a mobile communication SDK developed by Karetra for iOS, Android and Windows platforms) to be able to remote control Digiturk set-top boxes. Using the in-app remote control feature, you could do anything that you can do with your physical Digiturk remote control.

Latest update of DCD SDK takes this communication a step further and lets you push movies and TV shows playing on your phone or tablet to your Digiturk set-top box to continue watching it on your TV while still being able to control the playback on your mobile device. If you’ve already configured the in-app remote control, all you need to do is swipe the video up to your television. If not, follow the steps below.

1. Pair your phone or tablet with your set-top box

To be able to communicate, both your mobile device and your Digiturk set-top box must be connected to the same WiFi network. So before starting to pair, make sure they are. Then open DilediginYerde app and go to "Settings/InApp Remote Control" screen. Make sure the checkbox on the top right corner of the screen is on and tap the "Find New Set-Top Boxes" at the bottom of the screen.

The app will search for and list the set-top boxes in the same network. When you select the set-top box you want to use, you’ll see a confirmation popup on your TV that asks you to allow the mobile device to be used as a remote control. Confirm the popup using your Digiturk remote control. You’ll see a success message on your mobile device.

2. Make sure your set-top box supports remote playback

Currently, not all Digiturk set-top box models support the remote playback feature. Digiturk is working hard to get all their set-top boxes ready as soon as possible. But till then, you may not be able to use the feature.

To make sure your set-top box supports remote playback, pair your device with your set-top box as explained above. Open a TV show or a movie and start playing it. If your set-top box is ready for this feature, you'll see a "Send to Set-Top Box" button at the up right corner of the video player.

3. Swipe the video up to your television and enjoy

Now, all you need to do is to tap the "Send to Set-Top Box" button or just swipe the video up to your set-top box. DCD SDK will start playing the video on your TV. You may also use your physical remote control as always but you don't have to search for it. DCD SDK will keep the player controls on your device for you to be able to play, pause or stop the video or seek backward/forward through it.

Want to get the video back to your phone? Swipe down on your phone or tablet or tap the remote playback button again and your video will return to your mobile device resuming at the position where you were on the TV.